The main types of files are:

  1. Input.
    The input data are filed in the Ginput directory as textfiles, with a special format which contains three numbers identifying the input location of the item.

  2. Intermediate results.
    The variable values generated by the Monte Carlo procedure are stored as textfiles during the calculation. These values are used after a "Run" to view graphs in the form of expectation curves and for the more complex graphs and statistical procedures.
    The intermediate results are, for instance, the distribution vectors of the input variables and the results of combining these statistically according to the model. This data is stored also in binary files for expedience. The latter can not be viewed like the textfiles.

  3. Results.
    The results consist of four tables: Recoverable reserves in metric and OFU units and the "in place" reserves in metric and OFU.

  4. ADDRES input data.

    Optional. A special file giving only the result data required for the addition of prospect estimates by the ADDRES program.

Table column headers of unrisked Recoverable Hydrocarbons (and corresponding probabilities of success), which are filed in the format of the table as a textfile.