HC contacts appraisal option of the Gaea50 program

Similar to the column option this method assumes that HC are trapped and retained. The question is one of degree of fill. The option is useful in situations where the position of contacts can be inferred from high resolution seismic surveys where direct HC indications can be interpreted as HC contacts. In appraisal situations the range of possible contact positions may be restricted by observations in the available wells.

In this option the uncertainty about fill is not described by columns but by an uncertain position in depth of the HC/water contact (HCWC) and the Gas/Oil contact (GOC), if any. The simulation program translates this information into column length and into HC volumes, using the trap geometry description (See 2.6). Here some impossible combinations of contacts are weeded out by the MC procedure. For instance, a GOC cannot be below the HC/Water contact.

Contrary to the other main options, the contacts option does not accept multiple stacked pools input. The combination of culmination depth and depths of the HC contacts is supposed to be unique and applicable to only one reservoir.