Gaeapas Screenshots

These screens are showing the present operational items of the Gaeapas program. As Gaea50, the new version is in development, these screens are giving only an impression of the input/output. The new program will be in broad lines similar, except in the way the risks are treated.

Input screens Output screens
Opening screen Summary results table
Administration input POS/MSV table
Previous exploration experience Expectation curves for oil
Type of Sourcerock Expectation curves for HC column length
Net SR thickness Expectation curves for depth HC contacts
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Ternary diagram of HC fill
Effective drainage area Trap capacity versus depth
Maturity of the source rock Table of productive area
Maturity history of SR-1 Dynamic entrapment summary graph
Vertical migration description HC charge table
Combining charges from different sources Accuracy of Monte Carlo analysis
Top seal description Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Dynamic entrapment - Trap capacity history Sensitivity analysis
Trap geometry description
Lateral seal description
Reservoir description
Reservoir engineering data
Recovery efficiency estimate