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Dr. M.H. Nederlof (CV)
Leuvense straat 100, 2587 GL,
The Hague, Netherlands
Tel: (31)-70-354.93.88.
For information: mhnederlof@gmail.com

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Domains of experience/expertise


Sedimentology Geochemistry Basin analysis Petrophysics Estimation of
Prospect evaluation Economics Planning Training

Areas and Basins

Bolivia Venezuela Colombia North Sea USA Gulf Coast Wyoming/Texas Niger Delta Qatar/ Oman Cantabrian Mountains,
East Asia

This website discusses exploration prospect appraisal, resource estimation
and my research in this field. This is also a portal to useful, freely available information on the web.
But, .... Old Chinese saying: "In a multitude of words there is certainly a mistake".

Website last update, 18 May, 2020. Number of visitors now over 100 per day from over 100 countries!


I would like to mention a number of colleages, mainly from Shell, who have tought me, supported me and inspired me. I mention in no particular order: Dr Peter Dieboldt, Dr Erdi Fränkl, Dr Alain Coffinier, Dr J.W.A Bodenhausen, Dr Roel Murris, Dr Farruh Demirmen, Dr Dick Knaap, Dr Jan Keizer, Dr Leine, Dr Bernard Meyer, Dr Hans-Peter Mohler, Drs. Paul van der Geest, Jan Meisner, Harry Joosten and with special emphasis: Dr Dick Sluyk, Aad Baak and Dr Fernando Marcano.
And, of course, I am grateful for Wikipedia which is such a fantastic source of information.