G50 -- Graphic output

The graphs that can be shown are:

  • Expectation curves
    The expectation curves of the items in the result tables can be obtained by clicking on the header of a column.
    Intermediate result items, e.g. porosity, can be viewed as an expectation curve in the Intermediate results menu item.

  • Trap area and volume
    A graph showing the areas of the top and the base of the reservoir versus depth on the Y-axis.

  • Hydrocarbon columns
    The column length of Oil, Free Gas and Condensate versus depth on the Y-axis.

  • Oil/Gas/Water contact graph
    Graph of the probability of having a Gas/Water, or Gas/Oil, or Oil/Water contact beyond a given depth below the culmination. Use in relation with DHI's on seismic sections.

  • Triangular HC fill graph
    Shows the possible HC fill of the trap, using only the success cases (i.e. with at least some HC fill) in a triangular diagram with Water, Gas and Oil endmembers.

  • Sensitivity
    The sensitivity of the results to a list of input variables

  • Sources of variance Contribution to the total variance in the results of a list of input variables.